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LiteStar IV™ is Satloc’s entry-level guidance system for aerial applicators. The LiteStar IV™ system includes the Satloc L7 Lightbar, LiteStar IV™ controller, A21 antenna and associated cables. LiteStar IV™ provides guidance in flying and spraying your field. Select a pattern to fly along with other setup options and LiteStar IV™ guides you along each row (or swath) in your pattern. Record data such as spray on/off locations, precise time/date record, flight speed, altitude, pattern flown and GPS position quality then export to a USB drive for analysis and review in supporting software such as MapStar®. Minimize fatigue and improve safety with the ultra-bright L7 lightbar. The intuitive LiteStar IV™ controller will simplify and improve all types of spraying applications.

Dependable Equipment

The Satloc LiteStar IV™ intuitive controller is built with the Satloc standard for durability withstanding the rigor of aircraft movement. The receiver is a differential GPS (DGPS) receiver that supports signals such as SBAS, L-band, and beacon for superior connection.  View selected data with our rugged, glare-resistant lightbar. Satloc L7 lightbar has 4 customizable display windows, display selected data such as heading angle, cross-track distance, spray rate, area sprayed, laser altimeter height, and much more.

Additional Tools

MapStar® is a pre-application mapping and post-application analysis log replay software. Mapstar allows you to import/export common GIS file formats, such as ESRI Shape Files, CAD DXF, and MapInfo MID/MIF. In addition, you can view, analyze, and export log data from any Satloc logging product. MapStar includes support for variable rate applications and prescription maps. View more here


  • Intuitive controller with simplified setup and guidance options
  • Ultra bright, glare resistant Lightbar
  • 4 Customizable display windows on lightbar
  • Multiple pattern options and flexibility
  • Ability to export log data to a USB drive for use in Satloc MapStar


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