Greater Efficiency

HQ™ is a real-time web-based asset tracking tool that allows companies to track the position and position-related data of aircraft. Combining a cellular or Wi-Fi connection with the Satloc® G4™ , HQ provides instant data push/pull functionality. Get jobs out to the field instantly and have immediate access to logs and job status data. Experience easy data transfer with Wi-Fi, and remote access for training.

Satloc HQ™ is ideally suited for companies that need to track multiple aircraft in flight at the same time. The Satloc managed web server stores all flight and asset information, allowing customers to view current flight data as well as all historical data from previous flights. Aerial application companies can also provide their customers access to log in via the web interface to view spray on/off activity, spray rates, and latitude/longitude information to quickly analyze what jobs are being done and when.

Greater efficiency and safety through improved flight planning and better ground crew preparation with HQ™.


  • The HQ web interface allows users to review and send jobs and polygons directly to the aircraft
  • Upload existing Shape/Job files in HQ and send directly to the Satloc G4
  • Remote access for training purposes
  • Track the position and position-related data of aircraft
  • Effectively coordinate flight plans, resulting in reduced time and costs
  • View current flight data as well as historical data from previously completed flights



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